The DGS Sailing Team
Tom air surfing the ama in Maui
Captain Tom doing a little air surfing... Kaanapalii, Maui
Welcome to the DGS Sailing Team Bulletin Board. The Team was formed to promote and perpetuate the art of sailing the Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe through active demonstration and hands-on experience. This page has been created to keep Team members and interested parties informed as to past, present, and upcoming events scheduled for the Team.
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     Howzit Gang! Well, it has been a while and a lot things have been happening with the Team. 
     Okay, since the web site was last up, Augie has gotten married and is on a long leave of absence.
     From DGSWaterSports:
Congradulations!, Augie and Laurie Ann. All the Best.
     Gloria is still working as a registered nurse, and photographer-at-large for Pacific Paddlers Magazine and for HSCA. Which, by the way, keeps her pretty busy. She has been invited to Micronesia in the spring to cover a culture festival there. Sounds like fun.
     Matt is a Junior in High school and is busy with school work and being a teenager.
     I, myself, have been busy working with Nick Beck designing and building parts for his new canoe,
Holopuni.  Got to go back to the Islands in January. What a hoot! It was really good seeing everyone again.
     Myron is still missing in action.
Well, it is almost time for a new season. Time to start planning the new schedule for the year. Any comments or suggestions would be of help.
    Yeah, we are going to be under construction for a while, so come back again and see what is new. Take care and see you on the water.
Captain Thomas Kemper
Couldn't do it without Gloria
Augie with his brother and family
In Long Beach with Miss Universe/1997
Out for a spin with Todd Switzer and Jericho Poppler, Newport Beach
Anyone who is interested in either sponsorship or joining the Team is invited to contact Thomas Kemper and talk story.
Contact Me
Team for the first Ensenada attempt/1997
Doing a little fishing at Oceanside
With no other sailing canoes to race, we take on what ever is around!
Father and son doing what they love most:
Sailing canoe surfing at Ralph's off of Point Loma,CA
Tom teaching the fine points of steering the canoe
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